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OHV Economic Impact Studies Available

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OHV Economic Impact Studies Available - 03/05/19 04:16 PM

Last year NOHVCC asked for Partners and others to share recent OHV economic impact studies so NOHVCC could make them available to the OHV community. As usual our Partners responded. In addition, staff has collected various other economic impact studies that we were aware of. Take a look below to read a brief description of each study and click the link to download a pdf version.

These studies can be used to show the dramatic positive impact OHV recreation (and, in some cases, all recreation) can have on communities. They can also serve as inspiration for those who are seeking to quantify the impact of OHV use in their area.

These studies can be downloaded from NOVHCChttps://www.nohvcc.org/ohv-economic-impact-studies-available/

Additional economic impact studies are available from MUIRNet-News

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