Based solely on the number of papers published in peer-reviewed journals in 2016 disputing one or more claims made by anthropogenic warming alarmists, it would appear there is still an active debate over the causes and consequences of climate change. The climate blog No Tricks Zone provides links to more than 500 peer-reviewed papers published in 2016 supporting “a skeptical position on anthropogenic climate change alarm.”

Among the papers tracked, 132 indicate solar activity plays a significant role in weather and climate activity, while 90 link other natural factors like ocean current shifts, cloud formation, and volcanic activity to climate changes. Eleven papers specifically indicate at worst humans have a weak influence on climate, while 17 papers indicate current climate changes likely reflect natural variability.

Concerning the potential effects of climate change, 34 papers show no effect of increasing carbon dioxide on sea level rise, 15 argue the recent warming has led to less extreme, more stable weather patterns, and 10 papers demonstrate there has been no increase in the intensity or frequency of hurricanes (3) or droughts (7).

Read ’em and weep, consensus climate alarmists!

John Stewart
Resources Consultant, California Four Wheel Drive Association
Board of Directors, BlueRibbon Coalition