The following are citations from studies and reports that may be useful to land use advocates. The study citation is listed at the end of the sections that have been pulled from that study. One may wish to look at the entire study as well.

OHV Recreation-
The use of off-highway vehicles such as 4X4 vehicles, dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), and snowmobiles has been occurring on national forest land since the 1920s. In many cases, the use predated the national forest's acquisition of that land. Initially, these vehicles did not represent a major recreation use or industry. OHV trails/areas generally were not planned or designed, but developed through use.

The increased popularity and widespread use of OHVs on Federal lands in the 1960s and 1970s prompted the development of a unified Federal policy for such use. Executive Order 11644 was issued in February 1972 to establish policies and provide for procedures to control and direct the use of OHVs on Federal lands so as to (1) protect the resources of those lands, (2) promote the safety of all users of those lands, and (3) minimize conflicts among the various uses of those lands. The executive order also closed wilderness and primitive areas to OHV use.

Executive Order 1189 was issued in May 1977. It strengthened protection of the lands by authorizing Agency heads to (1) close areas or trails to OHVs causing considerable adverse effects and (2) designate zones of use to identify specific areas and trails in which the use of OHVs may or may not occur.

In all cases, the degree of successfully managed OHV areas/trails appears to be associated with the amount of line officer involvement, an employee "champion," the presence/involvement of a local organized club/organization, and ample riding opportunity and challenge.

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