Department of Parks and Recreation
Weak Procedures Have Led to Inconsistent Budgetary Reporting and Diffculties in Measuring the Impact of Efforts to Keep Parks Open

From the 2003 Audit:

"The department’s statement that it appropriately calculated the 3 necessary budget reduction is incorrect. As we state on page 37,
the department has not determined the baseline amount to fully
operate its 278 parks at the 2010 level. Without calculating this
baseline and comparing it to its appropriation, the department
had not yet determined whether the results created a condition
that would trigger required park service reductions or closures as described in the March 2011 legislation. Therefore, the department’s announcement may have been premature."

Fast forward to 2016 - State Parks is still in management an budget disarray.

Their "lifeline" is the OHMVR program which is user funded and well-managed.

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