Winter Seasonal Road Status

All roads and trails south of Lockwood Valley Road have been opened as January 29. This includes Alamo Mtn, Frazier Mtn, Lockwood Creek and Grade Valley/Mutau area and associated connector trails. Some of these roads close during the winter when there is wet weather and snow. Contact the ranger station for current status.

  • Grade Valley Rd (open)
  • Fraizer Mountain (open)
  • Alamo Mountain (open)
  • Goldhill to Piru Creek (open)
  • Mt. Pinos Rd up to Chula Vista Parking area and Campground (open) 

Open Campgrounds

  • Chula Vista walk-in Campground
  • Ballinger Campground and OHV area
  • Reyes Creek

Temporarily Closed Roads

  • Cerro Noroeste/Mt Abel
  • Marian/Caballo
  • Rancho Nuevo/Tinta
  • Santa Barbara Cyn/West Dry Cyn

Additional Los Padres NF roads, trails and campground information is available at:

Monterey Ranger District

Santa Lucia Ranger District

Santa Barbara Ranger District

Ojai Ranger District

Mt. Pinos Ranger District

For Kern County road status, Mt. Pinos Rd, go to


The National Weather Service is a good resource for weather information.

Source: Mt. Pinos Ranger District Road Status

John Stewart
Resources Consultant, California Four Wheel Drive Association
Board of Directors, BlueRibbon Coalition